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due diligenceImplementing an acceptable litigation readiness protocol requires IT and skilled legal professionals working together in proactively auditing current IT infrastructure, Human resource practices and building templates for a computer-related incident response.

Unfortunately, many companies often resort to self-help during an incident.  IT departments inevitably destroy or corrupt crucial evidence thus rendering potential evidence unreliable and sometimes inadmissible in court due to allegations of bias and non-adherence to forensics best practices and information systems audit protocols.

Our Solutions

We proactively conduct an auditable and defensible legal IT compliance protocol to plug loopholes that may adversely impact your companies litigation readiness. Corporate IT, in House lawyers and litigating attorneys often realise when it’s too late, that their case or investigation is being compromised by their own IT infrastructure protocol or lack of it.

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If you suspect an incident has occurred or you wish to conduct an investigation or implement due diligence protocols, talk to our incident response team before you proceed. Contact us.

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