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The Problem

A company’s commercial data and Intellectual property are the constant focus for cyber attacks, e-commerce and online disputes. Problems may include:

  • Company Data/IP theft
  • Computer Data transfer and manipulation
  • Unlawful use of email, social media and image storage
  • Misuse and abuse of corporate IT policy
  • Unauthorised data deletion
  • Network security breach
  • External Hacker attack
  • Domain Name Disputes
  • Cyber law
  • Consumer disputes relating to online selling regulations

The investigation and resolution of cybercrime and e-commerce issues require specialised Human and IT resources. A typical IT department is not equipped to conduct a probative cybercrime investigation or resolve purely legal matters surrounding e-commerce disputes.

Our Solutions

Companies must seek the expertise of external legal/IT consultants to accomplish these task promptly and judiciously.  Do you suspect an incident has occurred or you wish to resolve an e-commerce dispute? Talk to our cyber response team to address your requirements. We conduct and report on user security profile, and network systems analysis, Network device logs and data packet inspections, malware and virus impact analysis, internet, emails and file usage analysis for suspected users, Domain name disputes and online fraud litigation. Click here to contact us.


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