e~Document Discovery

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Be proactive. Deploy a winning strategy.

Companies, Lawyers and litigants are often, confronted with the cost, protocols and peculiar nuances associated with the discovery, disclosure and presentation of electronic data. Do not expose your company to financial liabilities or law firm to a negligence claim because you mismanaged the use of electronic evidence. We take the complexities out of the ediscovery process and deliver a winning and cost-effective strategy.

Current statistics indicate that about 90% of all social, private and business communications now pass through or reside in computers. The volume of electronic documents produced as evidence from computers is increasing astronomically. The cost of discovering and disclosing electronic data in litigation or corporate investigations now forms a substantial cost component for litigants.

Our Solutions

At Technology Chambers, we provide the full spectrum of services required for the successful deployment and use of electronic documents in criminal, civil, arbitration or regulatory matter. We conduct strategy meetings, cost analysis conferences, prepare discovery and disclosure motions and undertake the deployment of – legal holds – custodian identification – data collection – data filtering for privileged documents, redaction and Bates coding – keyword search strategy – data conversion and  – courtroom presentation.

We also provide an internet portal that allows all parties to a case, securely review selected and agreed documents online 24/7.

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