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Computer evidence can be the “smoking gun” that determines whether an individual gets convicted of a crime or a company is found liable in a civil matter or compliance investigation. Otherwise, helpful computer evidence can be rendered useless if not collected and analysed with a due forensic process.

The question for the legal profession and corporate IT is how best to manage and determine the scope and relevance of digital evidence and after that incorporate computer evidence and electronic data, into a case strategy or corporate investigation.

Because computer evidence is in the realm of forensic sciences, the legal profession requires the input of a forensic expert to understand the peculiar nuances associated with the use of computer evidence.

Our solution

At Technology Chambers, we have both forensic and specialist legal experts under one roof. We can assist, not just with the technical investigation and evidence analysis we, in addition, bring our legal expertise to bear on the evidence to help with your case strategy, evidence rebutal and expert witness cross-examination.

When you secure our services, you have on board, both legal and technical expertise at your disposal.  Our lead expert is dual qualified as a computer forensic expert and a Barrister/Solicitor Advocate with more than 25 years combined experience in legal practice and technology litigation. Take advantage of our combined expertise.

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