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A company’s commercial and IP data are the constant focus for security breach, possibly engineered from within a company or initiated by an external attacker. Corporate computer incident may include:

  • Supply Contract – Drafting & Negotiations
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Hardware & Software – Fit for purpose disputes
  • Hardware & Software – Installation disputes
  • Project commission liabilities
  • Project design & planning disputes
  • Project execution disputes
  • Regulatory authority defence
  • Software licencing and escrows

Auditable and defensible incident response requires the implementation of acceptable protocols in handling and resolving a breach and preserving any relevant evidence. Unfortunately, companies often resort to self help during an incident and IT departments inevitably destroy or corrupt crucial evidence thus rendering potential evidence unreliable and sometimes inadmissible in court.

If you suspect an incident has occurred or you wish to conduct an investigation, talk to our incident response team before you proceed. Click here to contact us.

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