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Computer evidence & eDiscovery – Training

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We are with you through the entire process (civil, criminal or regulatory) - from pre-trial conferences to implementing a litigation hold , custodian identification, edocument mapping, data filtering, processing and coding, we offer consultancy and implementation on a complete circle of deliverables including:

1. Trial Advocacy & Case theory analysis

2. eDiscovery & Disclosure project management

3. Project Gap analysis

4. Computer Evidence analysis

5. Adverse evidence rebuttal

6. Expert witness cross examination

What you don't know can hurt you. Get us on board your legal or investigative team and see the difference in how you can strategically leverage the use of computer evidence, and effectively manage your ediscovery disclosure obligations. Contact our London or Lagos office to discuss your requirements in utmost confidentiality.

We accept legal aid work, undertake private and commercial instructions from law firms, small, medium and large businesses. We operate a policy of utmost confidentiality at all times.

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